back from the wilderness

We just completed our first full week of Discipleship Training School with the Fire and Fragrance team here at YWAM Harrisburg. For those who were expecting to hear from us this week, we apologize. There was absolutely no cell/data service in the mountains where we were staying and this week of “Exodus” was intended to be a true media fast – and it was. Our week was full of worship, training, impartation, building relationships, and uniting with our new spiritual family. And I’ll say this – we got blasted by the Holy Spirit. It was great.

As we sort through pictures and process the week a little more we’ll share with you even more of all that happened during the week. But I wanted to share one teaching that seemed to stick with Leigh and I the most.

We talked this week about developing a “Culture of Revival.” This means looking at Jesus, Salvation, people, evangelism and ministry with fresh, new lenses. And one common theme that ran throughout the week of training was the idea of choosing Faith over Feeling. The idea is to trust what the Lord has called you to do and not what your emotions are telling you in the moment. Trust that you HAVE been forgiven. Have faith that you ARE renewed – because Jesus said so! Believe God will intervene – because He promises to do so.

Our speaker, Sammy Rodriguez, shared this incredible testimony about how once on outreach his team was up all through the night working through some issues and were hesitant to go to a meeting they committed to at a university the next morning. Their flesh was tired and their emotions were telling them to go back to bed – but Faith was calling them to press on. They took a step of faith and decided to go to the meeting even though they weren’t confident it would be fruitful. When they went to this meeting – a “religious discussion” at a prestigious secular university – they were given the opportunity to minister and saw incredible works of God. The professor of religion was healed on the spot from (I believe) an ongoing back problem and in turn gave the YWAM team the opportunity to speak to her entire class about the gospel. Now, full of faith, they seized the moment and spoke confidently about Jesus and the Holy Spirit and saw numerous people turn their lives to Christ and nearly half of the class receive miraculous healings. They worked in faith.

This idea of operating entirely in faith vs feeling was pivotal for Leigh and I this week. This idea confirmed our very presence in this missions training and affirmed many of the spiritual promises given to Leigh and I from the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you all to live that way. Trust faith. Not feeling.


in transition

We officially re-enter the mission field two weeks from today. September 26th is the day we begin our training in Harrisburg, PA. We’re thrilled – couldn’t be more excited. We are expecting amazing things from God and we cannot wait to experience all that He has in store for us.

Right now we’re in Canton, OH staying with Leigh’s folks. We left Sunday evening after a going away party the worship team threw for us (huge shout out to the North Ridge team – that was awesome!). We packed up the girls, all our clothes, and guitars and arrived here at midnight. We’re taking some much needed family time to compose ourselves and rest up for a few days as we need to hit a fund raising push really hard next week before our training begins.

Please pray for us about a few things: 1) We’ve been trying to figure out how to make this transition the easiest on the kids as we know they are a part of this journey, too. There are a few details that appear to be coming together for Norah and Elyse when we arrive at Harrisburg, so please pray they do. 2) We’re making a push this week to amp up our prayer support (financial support next week). So we need dedicated people who are willing to commit to praying for us twice a week. Send me an email ( if you are such a person!

Thanks so much for the ongoing prayers, thoughts, support, belief, and trust. We’ll post again.

home sweet home


A huge need of ours has been for our house to be taken care of quickly before we move. We have been praying for our house to sell, even though the housing market is not the most favorable, especially in our area. The house has weighed heavily on our minds, yet we have felt a peace that it would be taken care of.

It wasn’t long before a few people started asking us about our house, showing interest in buying or renting. We quickly formed our Plan A and Plan B. Plan A was a person who showed interest in buying. We were banking on Plan A.  Plan B developed soon after – a friend who expressed interested in renting. If Plan B were to work, we could use our house for storage and transition out of the house more quickly. We began to prepare our house with confidence that God was going to work out one of our plans. During this time we tossed around the idea of listing the house with a realtor, but Andy felt strongly that we weren’t supposed to list it. (Lately we’ve been figuring out that when we have a strong sense about something we need to listen to that because it most likely is the Holy Spirit, so we listened. But still we felt certain the Holy Spirit was going to use one of our plans.)

Well, a few days ago we found that both Plan A and Plan B quickly fell through. We were stunned. With only a few weeks left before we have to leave, we weren’t sure what to do. That morning, I had come across a passage in the Bible where Jesus told Jairus, a religious leader, that his daughter who had died was only asleep. Everyone laughed at Jesus for saying this. But Jesus looked at Jairus and said, “Don’t be afraid, only believe…” (Luke 8:50). These words came back to me as I started panicking about our house. Literally moments later, I heard Andy in the other room on the phone. A woman had just driven past our house, seen a For Sale by Owner sign we’d haphazardly posted in our lawn, and was wondering if we’d like to rent it out? She came that night, loved it, and brought her deposit the next day.

Once again, God showed us that His timing is perfect, and He’s going to provide in HIs way. Not our own. Every step of this journey so far, we are seeing just that! God does what’s absolutely perfect for our situation, but He accomplishes it so much differently – and better – than we could figure out on our own.

getting there


In two weeks, we will leave North Carolina and begin our journey towards YWAM. We will be spending a few weeks with my (Leigh’s) parents in Ohio (and we will also take some time to visit friends from our old church in Ohio  – so stayed tuned Lima!) The past three weeks since we began this whirlwind journey have been full and God has continued to show Himself faithful as He provides for what He’s called our family to do. Leading up to this weekend we were at just under 50% of our required upfront funds ($20,000: the cost for our whole family to complete the six month training, including the cost of international travel for our two month outreach). We have experienced it in the past and are now experiencing it again: God provides through His people. We have been amazed by the people who have stepped on board with us to support us, pray for us, encourage us, and help us in so many other tangible ways.

Another huge prayer we are seeing answered is in what to do with our house. We are truly experiencing God in this area, and we will share the full story with you soon.

If you’d like to partner with us financially, there are a couple ways you can do it: You could help us get to our goal of $20,000 for our upfront funds, or you could consider partnering with us monthly for our long-term vision. To do this, send a check (with Andy Myers in the memo line) to:

North Ridge Church, 115 Waketa Dr, Asheboro, NC 27203.

All donations made through North Ridge Church are tax-deductible.

our story

In 2010, Andy and I and our little Norah had a dream come true – to live in South Africa and serve as missionaries there. We left our community and beloved church in Ohio where Andy was a worship pastor, to volunteer with a local youth ministry in Cape Town, South Africa, working with some of the most impoverished youth there. We fell in love. Though that turned out to be a brief, year-long season, we absolutely fell in love with South Africa. We fell in love with life in missions. We fell in love with the beautiful sense of community we experienced there and the beautiful people of South Africa.

For many reasons, however, we felt it was time to leave after a year. The biggest reason was that Andy has a huge call on his life to lead worship, and we were not in the place to do that in South Africa. We were led to a young church in North Carolina, and exactly one year after we had moved to Africa, we packed up and came back to the States.

We didn’t count on how hard it would be to be back. Though we were warmly welcomed in North Carolina and enjoyed being back closer to family and were able to buy our first home and have our next, precious baby girl, Elyse, there was a huge part of our hearts we left in South Africa – there with the poor, there with intense spiritual community, there with breath-taking mountains and a rainbow people. We didn’t realize how much that year had changed us. Countless conversations late into the night found Andy and I agonizing over our decision to leave Cape Town. All we could arrive at, each time, was that we had made mistakes, and we were so sorry. But we told ourselves God did have a plan and somehow, some way, it would come around. Or so we hoped and prayed. Would we find the reasons one day? 
Over the past few months, we felt that a change was coming in our lives, but we weren’t sure what that change was. When we had lived in South Africa, we were missing a church community and we were missing a constant worship involvement in our lives. But when we came back into full time church worship ministry, we were still missing something. We have finally, after alternating between and isolating the two, realized that, for us, worship and missions cannot be divided. We absolutely have to have both. Continue reading